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Big-picture thinking and creative problem solving while maintaining attention to detail

Managing complex logistical, scheduling, and budgeting tasks

Engendering school spirit and community pride with all students, parents, faculty, and staff

Deep interest in and commitment to addressing challenges of equity and inclusion in education

Identifying needs or deficits and addressing them strategically and creatively

Superb verbal and written communication skills

Organization and follow-through when completing and managing tasks

Networking and establishing professional relationships

Developing, delivering and overseeing individualized instruction and learning intervention strategies for all learners, including students learning English as a second language

Integrating 21st century skills and technology into teaching and professional tasks

Creating compelling branding and marketing strategies with attractive, effective materials

specialized skills

Adept with various technologies
Apple technologies (iPads, iPods, MacBooks, iMovie), PCs, social media, Personal Learning Networks, social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn), website and blog creation, direct email marketing (Constant Contact), graphic design tools (Canva, Photo Shop), and enrollment management software

Marketing and branding strategist 

Grant writing

Developing and executing fundraising campaigns 

Curriculum design

Authentic assessment development

Creative learning strategies and student accommodations

Fluent Spanish speaker

CPR/first aid certified

Swimming instructor/coach