Internship Coordinator
Creator, Thomson Reuters/Purnell School Internship Program
Purnell School; June 2010, June 2011, June 2012

Created, coordinated, and managed the internship details and application process for this program.  Four Purnell students participated in a paid two-week summer internship at Thomson Reuters' headquarters in Times Square, New York City.  This unique opportunity offered students job experience with a global corporation, exposure to a number of departments within the company, experience working collaboratively on and presenting a research and design project, acquaintance with workplace etiquette, and valuable networking possibilities.  Students participated in a rigorous application and interview process to earn a position as a Thomson Reuters intern through this program.

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Thomson Reuters Internship Article.pdf

Coordinator, Junior Summer Internship Program
Purnell School; September 2007-June 2013

Each Purnell student is required to participate in a two-week internship between her junior and senior year as part of a concerted effort to help her learn and explore her strengths.  Coordinator is charged with networking and making connections with potential internship sponsors, guiding students in the process of searching for and securing internships, approving proposals for internships, and collecting required internship materials including sponsor feedback and journal reflections.

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Internship Sponsor Information.pdf
Internship Possibilities Spreadsheet.pdf
Internship Proposal.pdf
Internship Reflection.pdf
Internship Interview.pdf

Internship Feedback Form.pdf

Creator, Day-Long Externship Program
Purnell School; September 2010-June 2013

Created and coordinated day-long externship experiences for small groups and individual students to learn and explore their strengths in a field of interest.

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J McLaughlin Article.pdf

Alumnae-to-Students Career Counseling
Phoebe Foley ('03) Dinner and Tour
Purnell School; October 2011

A small group of students met with Ms. Foley to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the International Center for Photography, learn about ICP's prestigious year-long post-graduate program, gain useful networking advice, and have a dinner/discussion with Ms. Foley about her college experience and her inspirational personal and professional journey in the jewelry, film, and photo industry.

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Phoebe Foley Article.pdf

Mallory Phillips ('06) Dinner and Discussion
Purnell School; April 2012

A small group of ninth and tenth grade students met with Ms. Phillips to learn about her degree in communications and subsequent career at a nonprofit medical clinic in Houston, Texas. Ms. Phillips shared with the students valuable information about persevering in college, exploring a variety of career options, and being willing to work hard while climbing the ranks at a job.

Professional Women's Speaker Series 

Creator and Coordinator
Purnell School; September 2010-June 2013

On ten select nights throughout the school year, professional women from a variety of fields speak to students about their education, career path, strengths utilized, and advice for the future.  Speakers are invited based on expressed student interests, and so that students may be exposed to a wide variety of professions.  Upon completion, students are encouraged to introduce themselves and practice their networking skills.

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Entrepreneur Speakers.pdf
Hospitality Speaker.pdf
Human Resources Speaker.pdf
Realtor Speaker.pdf

College Application Essay Lessons
Twelfth Grade English Teacher
Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School; August 2013-present

Group lessons and individual writing conferences assist twelfth grade students in the writing and editing of their college application essays.  Extensive individual help for brainstorming and the writing/editing process is given to students who seek it out.

Twelfth Grade Seminar Teacher
Purnell School; September 2007-June 2013

Group lessons and individual writing conferences assist twelfth grade students in the writing and editing of their college application essays.  Although this essay writing is not attached to a grade or academic credit, students are expected to reach benchmarks so they may progress appropriately through the college application process.

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College Essay Brainstorming Questions.pdf
College Essay Brainstorm Cluster.pdf
College Essay Brainstorming Evaluation.pdf
College Essay Outline Sample.pdf
College Essay Openers and Samples.pdf

Career Counseling Seminars
Eleventh Grade Seminar Teacher
Purnell School; September 2007-June 2013

Group lessons and individual counseling conferences assist students in envisioning possible future careers that play to their strengths.  Understanding that people change careers many times during their professional lives, emphasis is placed on learning the tools and processes involved inherent in any job search process, not just the first one out of school.  Students explore job statistics and outlook, identify degrees and/or education necessary, and make short- and long-term goals to help them progress toward a meaningful career.  College counseling services follow career counseling so that students may choose colleges and courses of study that correspond to future career goals.  Each student also creates a resume and cover letter during this seminar course.

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Career Profile.pdf
Career Visioning Exercise.pdf

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