The Affinities Curriculum
Director of the Affinities Program
Purnell School; September 2007-June 2013

The Affinities Program, one of Purnell School's signature programs, is a school-wide initiative to help girls discover their strengths and utilize them in high school and throughout life.

As director, duties included:
Creating the Affinities Curriculum, a four-year seminar program for all Purnell students;
Implementing the Affinities Curriculum in 9-12th grade seminar classes; 
Coordinating internships for juniors; 
Counseling students about possible careers; 
Developing and overseeing the demystification process for every student at Purnell; Working one-on-one with students to discover and utilize strengths and learning strategies; 
Working one-on-one with teachers to develop assessments and projects that utilize student strengths; 
Providing opportunities like day-long externships and career speakers for students to discover and utilize strengths in and outside of the school community.

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Affinities Program Information.pdf

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Affinities Program Lesson Overview.pdf

Click here to read a featured article on a day-long externship to J McLaughlin Clothing Company: 
JMcLaughlin Article.pdf

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Police Sergeant Speaker.pdf
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Student Goal Planning and Intervention
Individual Learning Plan Coordinator
Purnell School; September 2008-June 2013

Duties Included:
Student Goal Planning
Assisting students in developing and reaching short- and long-term goals relating to academic, emotional, personal and/or social development.

Student Intervention Services
Reading admissions intake materials and psychoeducational testing; 
Determining how students can benefit from accommodations; 
Communicating accommodation recommendations to parents, students, and teachers; Creating academic support and enrichment plans; 
Ensuring students and teachers have resources and tools to achieve academic success; Counseling students on how they may best utilize their strengths.

Teacher/Advisor Supervision and Support 
Overseeing faculty in their role as advisors; 
Supporting teachers in their efforts to individualize instruction; 
Supporting advisor and teacher communication with parents; 
Intervening with teachers, students, and advisors as necessary.

Click here to view the form created to assist in the goal setting process:
Goal Plan Form.pdf

English Immersion
Director of English Immersion
Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School; August 2013-June 2015

Duties Included:
English Immersion Program Overhaul
Upon arrival, replacing outdated ESL support program with a fully integrated English Immersion program to better serve all English-learning students at the school by providing slightly modified versions of "mainstream" English classes that move at a slower pace, contain less content, and focus more on communication skills building;
Overseeing that English Immersion teachers implement the new program;
Providing support for non-English Immersion teachers as their students transition from an ESL support program into a full immersion learning experience.

English Immersion classes
Teaching 9th and 19th grade English Immersion classes; 
Teaching 10th grade history English Immersion classes (2013-2014 school year); 
Overseeing Bridge classes (semi-private English language instruction for students requiring English support above and beyond English Immersion classes).

International Support Team
Attending a weekly meeting to provide insight about how to support international students on campus;
Providing support for international students on campus;
Helping to plan and implement a week-long international orientation for new students at the school.

Assistance for English-learning students at school
Providing tools, strategies, and help for English-learning students in all subject areas.

Assistance for teachers who teach English-learning students
Providing tools, strategies, and help for English-learning students in all subject areas.

Counseling Team Member
Attending a weekly meeting to provide insight about how to emotionally support students on campus.

learning support


Demystification Coordinator
Purnell School; September 2007-June 2013

Every student is "demystified" in her first year at Purnell School. One faculty member gathers extensive data to understand one student's strengths, affinities, weaknesses, and develops appropriate learning strategies.  The student is presented this information during a 30-minute meeting and an alliance is formed between the student and her teachers to continually invest in utilizing strengths and affinities while addressing weaknesses.  Faculty utilize this knowledge in and out of the classroom during the student's time at Purnell to maximize her success in school and in life.

As overseer of this program, duties included:
Creating all survey, data compilation, and meeting guidelines materials for faculty;
Coordinating the completion of parent and student surveys;
Providing support and assisting faculty members in the demystification process;
Making recommendations about strategies and demystification meetings and management plans;
Attending all demystification meetings;
Managing the compilation of data;
Following up with students, parents, and faculty members to be sure that strategies and plans are effectively utilized;
Facilitating the application of demystification information throughout the Purnell community (in classes, but also during activities, day-long externships, and career speaker opportunities).

Click here to view self-created materials to gather and utilize student information  during the demystification process:
Student Demystification Survey.pdf
Parent Demystification Survey.pdf
Demystification Worksheet pt 1.pdf
Demystification Worksheet pt 2.pdf
Demystification Reflection Guide.pdf